Release V1.5.2

  • Updated

Release date:  20.12.2022


New features: 

In the 1.5.2 release, WisDM’s new features are fulfilling users’ demands on managing and navigating through a huge number of locations and gateways.


  • Search 


The search feature in the 1.5.2 release of WisDM is handy for users that utilize WisDM to manage a larger number of locations and gateways.


1. Search feature in Locations


2. Search feature in Gateways


  • Customized columns for the gateway list

The listing of the gateways in your organization’s Gateways tab can be customized according to the parameters you need. The gateways in the list can be ranked according to Current firmware, Sent firmware, Model, End devices, Location, or All. This helps you see first the information that is relevant for you. The feature can be used to filter all the gateways in your Organization, as well as to filter the gateways in the different Locations.



3. Customized columns for Gateways


4. Customized columns for Locations

  • Show progress in retrieving historical system logs

In WisDM v1.5.2 you can see the loading progress information while you download the historical system logs of the gateway. The search feature can be used in the historical system logs of the gateway as well.


5. Historical system logs and Search feature

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