Release V1.5.3

  • Updated

Release date: 25.04.2023


Easily manage gateway settings in bulk with features such as resetting local passwords and synchronizing network interfaces. Save custom visual states for efficient list management, receive notifications for active SSH sessions on gateways, and access enhanced gateway performance data(CPU and memory), including IP addresses. Finally, a new WisDM pricing has been implemented in this version. 

Bulk management of gateway settings

  • Reset local password

Easily reset multiple gateway local passwords at once by using a custom password of your choice.  

  • Network interface synchronization 

Save time by synchronizing the network interface configuration of multiple gateways in one click, instead of doing it individually.  

Save customizable visual states for lists

By applying logic to all lists for saving visual states, you can enhance the efficiency of list management. 

Receive notifications for active SSH sessions on gateways

Each gateway allows only one active SSH session. With our new notification feature, you'll be informed if another SSH session is already active, helping you decide whether to proceed or exit.  

Gateway list now includes performance data and IP addresses 

Customize your gateway list view to quickly see added performance data and IP addresses for each gateway.  

New WisDM pricing implement 

The latest WisDM pricing plan is now in effect. Visit our website to learn about the pricing adjustments and discover new and upcoming features for the WisDM device management platform. 

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