Release V1.6.0

  • Updated

New Features

Gateway Setup Enhancement

We've made it easier for customers by allowing them to skip the step of adding individual keys when setting up gateways in basic station working mode. This feature is particularly useful for customers with specific requirements, as it lets them set up multiple gateways without the need for manual input. Once the individual keys are written to the gateways during the factory setup, WisDM will automatically retrieve these keys when the gateways come online in the basic station location. This streamlines the setup process and eliminates the need for manual key entry.



Bug fix  

"Oops! Something went wrong" Error in New Organization Flow

We've addressed an issue where customers encountered an error message ("Oops! Something went wrong") when clicking on the map during the New Organization flow. 

Duplicate Logs in History Logs

We've fixed a bug where logs were duplicated when customers tried to select a specific time for history logs. You will now see accurate and non-duplicated logs when accessing your history data.

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