Release V1.6.1

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New Features

ChirpStack V4 MQTT Bridge Support

For customers using the latest ChirpStack V4 LoRa Network Server, we added MQTT Bridge support, which will allow the utilization of the multi-region prefix for the ChirpStack V4.

Note: the MQTT for ChirpStack V4 is available for version 2 RAK gateways running WisGateOS2 2.2.x


Billing Permissions Identification

Customers within an organization can easily identify members with billing permissions in the organization's member list.

Billing permission mark-Blur.png

Default Shipping Address

Shipping address now defaults to the billing address on the Billing Information page for ease of use.

Tooltip for Tax ID Types

A tooltip has been added to guide users on the supported Tax ID types on the Billing Information page.

If you are unable to find your Tax ID format, reach us at 

Enhanced Navigation

Users will be returned to their location after navigating to a gateway instead of being forwarded to the gateway list for a smoother experience.

Infobox for APN Acquisition

An infobox now guides obtaining APN for improved connectivity.

Upgrade & Downgrade Options

Enhance the UI on the button of subscription, to make it more clear to understand no matter the Upgrade Subscription option or Access the See All Plans option.

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