Release V1.6.2

  • Updated

New Features

Bulk Synchronization of Gateway System Settings:


To facilitate easier configuration of your network, members of your organization can now synchronize gateway system settings across both Organization and Location levels. This bulk action feature saves time and reduces the manual effort required in individually configuring gateways.



Packet Filtering for Locations in Packet Forwarder Work Mode:

This new feature allows WisDM users to manage packet filtering specifically for Locations operating in Packet Forwarder mode. This capability means you can now easily drop packets that aren't part of your LoRaWAN® network, ensuring cleaner data flow and improved network security.



Location Filtering in Organization-Level Gateway List:

With this enhancement, organization members can now filter the gateway list by Location. This allows for the efficient selection of all necessary gateways from specific Locations for bulk actions, streamlining the process of managing multiple gateways.


Notification for Expiring Payment Cards:

To help avoid any service interruptions, members with billing permissions will now receive notifications regarding upcoming payment card expirations. This proactive feature ensures that a valid card is provided in time for subscription renewal.

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