Release V1.4.1

  • Updated

Release date: 22.09.2021

New features:

  • Multi-add gateway – The user can add multiple unassigned gateways to a Location. Users can also add multiple gateways to the Location from a CSV file.
  • Bypass FOTA – Added additional field that shows the state of the FOTA feature - enabled/disabled - for any connected gateway. An option is added to remotely change the state of the FOTA.


  • UI improvements for a better experience
  • Customer support – Improving the assistance and support request logic. The users can now attach files and images to the support request within the WisDM system. An option for temporary access to the user’s Locations is added.
  • Renaming: The terms master/slave are changed to Center/Extender. The term Packet Logger is changed to Packet capture.


  • General bug fixing.



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