Why do I need WisDM?

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- VPN: When users want to configure the gateway fleet, previously, they had to configure them one by one on-site, close to the devices. If they want to realize the remote configuration, they have to set up a VPN connection with the device to log in to its local UI. The biggest value for WisDM is giving a chance to users to zero-touch configure, monitor tens of thousands of IoT devices with one to multiple. And it’s without a VPN. 90% of the cases people will be just fine with WisDM, as -in the future- all options from the gateway will be selectable in WisDM.

- Cost and stability: WisDM can reduce the cost of sending installation engineers to the site. And it has more stability for remote control.

- Multi-tiered access: comparing with VPN, users can have more roles with different levels of access permission. It’s valuable for businesses with complex projects and supervisors from various divisions, such as system integrators and network operators.