Adding a Location (Built-in Network Server work mode)

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  1. The creation of a Location is needed. To do so, click the New location button in the Locations


Figure 12: Locations tab

  1. Fill in a name and address for the Location and click Save location.


Figure 13: General information about the location

  1. Configure the network to correspond with the one that the gateway is going to The different work modes need different settings, the setup is the same as the one in the Web UI.


Figure 14: Default Network configuration screen

  1. Choose the Work mode (in this case Built-in network server), the Region (in this case EU868), the Supported channel number (in this case 8-channel), and fill in the Network Server Parameters.


Figure 15: Network server configuration

Note: While you can add 16-channel gateways to any location, 8-channel gateways can be added only to an 8-channel location.

  1. Before you could save the configuration for the location, you need to fill in the Gateway Backend Parameters as well. Do so by expanding the menu and filling in the needed tabs. Click Save configuration.


Figure 16: Gateway backend configuration