Adding a Location (Basics station work mode)

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1. The creation of a Location is needed for adding gateways and taking full advantage of the managing options. To do so, click the New location button in the Locations tab of the WisDM console or you can use the adding one link text.


2. Fill in the name and address for the Location. Here, you can also select the email notification settings for this Location. Click Save location.


3. Configure the network to correspond with the one that the gateway is going to use. The different work modes need different settings, the setup is the same as the one in the Web UI.

Choose the Work mode (in this case - Basics station), the Region, the Supported channel number, Basics station server type (for example LNS server), and Server URL & Server port (for example TTN or other). Do not forget to put wss:// in your URL if needed. As for Authentication mode, different options are available. If TLS server and client authentication is used, by clicking Use individual client keys you will make sure that every gateway added to this location will use different credentials for connecting to the server.

Check if the other settings are matching the server configuration and click Save configuration.


Note: While you can add 16-channel gateways to any location, 8-channel gateways can be added only to an 8-channel location.

4. The Location is added.


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