Adding a gateway to a Location (Basics station work mode)

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Note: The default working mode of a Location is Built-in Network Server.

1. First, you will need a Location configured to Basics station work mode. You can either add a new location and configure its work mode or change the work mode in the Network configuration tab of an already existing Location.

2. To add a gateway, click the Add gateway button (or the add one now text) that is in the Gateways tab of your Location.


3. To add the gateway you will need its serial number and EUI. They can be found either on a sticker on the back of the device or in the Web UI > Dashboard > Overview. There are two adding options in the WisDM console.


Note: The Client certificate and Client key are optional and will be required only if Use individual client keys option is turned on in the Location’s settings. They are generated by the server that the gateway will connect to.

On the left, you can add existing Unassigned gateways or add multiple gateways at once with the Upload CSV option.

On the right, you can add the gateways one by one, by filling up their serial number, EUI, and optionally a name. After you fill in the required information, click Add.

4. The gateways added using either option will show in the Gateways available section with the status OK. If there is a problem, the gateway will show in the Gateways unavailable section.

To finalize the adding process, choose the gateways you want to add to the Location from the Gateways available and click the Add gateways button.


5. Your gateway is added to your Location.