What are solar battery active events?

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Any event on a solar battery is either an issue identified by the system or an issue fixed. Issues currently taking place on the solar battery are Active events.


Active events are broadly categorized into three groups to help you understand the impact of each event on solar battery performance.


Protect event: The system identifies an issue that may cause significant damage to the solar battery, so it switches off the solar battery power as a preventive measure. Once operating conditions become favorable, the solar battery will resume working automatically.


Fault event: The system identifies a possibly damaged solar battery and alerts on replacing it immediately.


Warning event: The system warns about a change that may lead to an event later. Gateway continues to operate on solar battery power.


All events have a start and an end date. You may use the sorting option to see recurring events on the Event log page.


Note: You can view the history of the first 95 days of each solar battery event with the Enterprise subscription and the first 35 days of history with the other subscriptions.

You’ll receive a detailed quarterly report of events to your email with an Enterprise subscription and a monthly report of events with the other subscriptions. Reports of only assigned gateways with solar batteries will be sent.