Release V1.5.1

  • Updated

Release date: 12.11.2022

New features:

  • Gateway system log

A new feature to monitor the gateway system logs via the SSH connection. It also allows you to collect the gateway system logs for a selected period in the WisDM. More information on how to set it and access it is here.

  • LAN/WAN interface management
  • Gateway performance statistics

A new feature that provides information about the gateway LoRaWAN performance. You can see Channel usage, Uplink, and Downlink traffic, SNR/RSSI distribution, and the number of end devices that transmit through this gateway.

  • Extended firmware update status indication and report

New feature – Firmware updates are added in the Locations. You can see a detailed view of the gateways assigned in this location, their firmware, available new firmware versions, and information related to the firmware updates. You can also turn on or off the Enable critical update toggle for auto-update when a critical update is released.

  • End device visibility

Additional information about the RAK Built-In Network server devices is provided. You can check the total number of connected devices, their activation mode, class, and last seen status.

You can filter the registered end devices based on the last seen status.

  • Solar battery historical events optimization
  • Subscription downgrade option and cancelation
  • Subscription automated renewal with email reminders
  • Billing ownership management (transfer billing permissions to another user)
  • Extended subscription countries (enabling subscription purchase for more countries)
  • UI/UX improvements, bugfix

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